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Writing a Strong Argumentative Essay



Essay writing is not a piece of cake for everyone. Especially for the people who are not good with their words and face several issues in essay writing. You are a student or a researcher; an argumentative essay is something compulsory for your progress. Therefore, you need to understand the key points to draft a high-quality argumentative essay. Paper writing service can help you to write an amazing piece of an essay.

If you are worried about drafting a strong argumentative essay, then calm down and read this blog. We are here to give you a complete guideline that will help you to draft an efficient argumentative essay.



Understand the Meaning of Argumentative Essay

You might think that you know the meaning of argumentative essay, then why again. But trust me, the number of people gets confused between expository and argumentative essays. Please don't do this mistake and be clear that argumentative essay is the genre of the essay, which helps us to present the position of the topic through examples and evidence clearly and concisely. The main difference between the two is that argumentative essay includes numerical data and facts, while expository essay only includes facts.

After the understanding of the argumentative essay, you will be clear about the requirement of your topic to develop a strong argumentative essay. Below are the three points as a guideline that needs to be followed throughout your essay writing.

Collect Information and Make an Outline

Before the essay writer collects the information, you must select a side or detail of the topic that you want to discuss through your essay. For instance, I want to write about gun laws, but I have to think that what exactly I want to write? Should I write in favor of gun laws? Or am I against it? 

After collecting information about your topic relevant to the thesis statement, it is time to develop a complete outline. In the outline, all the information, data, and evidence, should be adjusted in such a way that essay flows in a meaningful manner. Afterward, you can write an initial draft for your essay. After initial draft approval, you can complete your essay by adding more details and doing meaningful changes in the outline and initial draft.

Follow Five Parts Format

Whether you are making an outline or draft for your argumentative essay, it is better to follow five parts formats. It means there should be an introductory paragraph followed by three paragraphs for the body section in which all data, examples, and evidence will be used to prove the thesis statement. While the remaining paragraph will be the conclusion. This must be clear to me so that whenever I will start to write my essay, I will be able to clearly state the purpose of your essay in the thesis statement.

Here you should know that if your essay is lengthy and requires more data, then the number of paragraphs can be increased. 

Things That You Can’t Miss

While filling your five parts format with the information, you should not forget a few essential things. First is the hook. In the introduction paragraph, add-hook in the form of quote, story, or question to generate the interest of the readers. Second, include background so that readers can understand the reason and previous information about the topic.

The third is the thesis statement, that is the real essence of the argumentative essay. The thesis statement should be precise and concise. Last but not least, always add the outcome of the essay so that readers can know what they will learn after a complete reading of your argumentative essay. One should pay for essay to get your work done before the submission date.



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